Cantilever Commercial Sliding Gates



Cantilever gates are suitable for both commercial and industrial installations, and provide a high security solution to perimeter protectionand are particularly suitable for security and traffic control operations. The cantilever gates system keeps the roadway free as the rollers run on tracks on the bottom of the gate. Without the need of an unsightly track in the floor the unique cantilever system delivers maximum security whist maintaining the pleasing aesthetics. Electric cantilever sliding gates are also the better option when it comes to security. The gate is supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate, leaving the roadway free of rails. This type of gate is most suited to areas where the roadway slopes, for busy or heavy traffic entrances or where minimal disturbance to the surface of the roadway is required.


The cantilever sliding gate is longer than a tracked slider – the extra length acts as a counterbalance so the gate is free to slide back and forth. There is a slam post assembly at one end and stops at the other end to ensure that the gate cannot slide free of it mountings and fall over.  Often the lower leading edge has a wheel which engages into a guide/shoe to ensure correct engagement upon closing.In the manual mode the gate is very easy to slide open and closed as the roller wheels incorporate precision bearings.


The motor incorporates electronic controls which can be set up to correct closing force and open/close positions. It can also provide a smaller opening aperture to allow pedestrian access only if required. Full infill options are also available to match a new or existing fence line if required.


All our cantilever sliding gate systems are bespoke and are manufactured to specific site requirements, and include appropriate safety devices to ensure they meet the latest European safety legislation. The finish will include a coating such as hot dip galvanizing and powder coating, giving long life and a touch of elegance.


If you have any questions or to arrange a no – obligation site visit to discuss your requirements, please get in touch via our ‘Contact us’ page and we will be only too pleased to help.