Commercial Swing Gates



Hinged swing gates offer a practical perimeter security solution for both industrial and commercial premises and we can supply a wide range of sizes and styles. Swing gates are suitable for access openings up to 12 metres in double leaf configurations. The correct size hinges are chosen for each application to suit the weight of the gates and the amount of use they are likely to receive. We prefer, if possible, to hinge the gates from steel support posts, concreted into the ground to carry the weight of each gate. The gates then take their strength from the steel posts and do not rely on the pillar to carry the weight of the gate. We can make the gates to complement most fence lines or existing perimeter appearances, or we can manufacture site specific styles to maintain your desired image.


Automation is our specialty and we can offer a range of automated hinge gate systems. Once we have established your basic requirements, our engineer will advise you of the solutions available and discuss the design and style of gates best suited to your application. Existing gates can also, in most cases, be automated.


Underground operators, as the name suggests, is mounted discreetly beneath ground level, making it almost unnoticeable. Above ground operators are fixed above ground to the back of the gates. The type used varies depending on the size of the gates, the opening angle required, the aesthetics and the way in which the gates are hung.



Our automatic metal gates are beautiful crafted  and once fully welded and assembled , each gate can be fully galvanised to prevent rusting and can then usually powder coated according to preference, whichwill give long life and a touch of elegance. Prior to us attending your premises to carry out the installation, all the necessary brackets and fixings are pre-fabricated to ensure the completedd system not only looks good, but is also well engineered. All our commercial gates are manufactured to specific site requirements, and include appropriate safety devices to ensure they meet the latest European safety legislation.


If you have any questions or to arrange a no – obligation site visit to discuss your requirements, please get in touch via our ‘Contact us’ page and we will be only too pleased to help.