Wrought Iron Sliding Gates


Wrought iron sliding gates offer an excellent alternative to swing gates. Although often a second choice, sliding gates can provide you with the entrance you are looking for whether you prefer may this type, or the layout of your property means that swinging gates will be unsuitable.  Sliding gates can be made to replicate the look of swinging gates, giving the illusion of a pair when closed.


The gates will usually be operated with a ‘single hit’ option, whereby the gate opens at the touch of a button on the remote control, and closes automatically behind you. Often, a sliding gate is more secure once closed, as the weak points are usually less accessible and the single structure design ensures additional prevention from the gate being driven into. All sliding gates can be installed with a range of access controls to suit your requirements, offering greater convenience and security.


Our wrought iron gates are hand crafted by our in – house fabricators. All of our gates are bespoke, made to individual requirements. Each gate can be fully galvanised to prevent rusting and can then usually powder coated according to preference. All the styles available are the same as those for swinging gates, offering you the same choice of designs to suit your property.


A sliding gate will consist of two main elements. Firstly, embedded in the ground is a length of metal track spanning the entrance. The gate is then guided along the track using wheels mounted in the base of the gate.


If you have any questions or to arrange a no – obligation site visit to discuss your requirements, please get in touch via our ‘Contact us’ page and we will be only too pleased to help.