Access Control


We have extensive experience in automated gates, both swinging and sliding. Access control options vary considerably and there is an extensive range on the market to choose from. The two most important considerations are how secure you wish to make your property and how user friendly you would like it to be. As part of our complete service, the most suitable options will be recommended by our engineer for you to choose from, but the following is an overview of the most common installations.


Hand Remote Control Transmitters

This simple system involves operating your gate by pressing a button on a hand held remote control, which can be as small as a keyring fob. This device consists of one press to open the gates and a second press to stop or close the gates.


Keypads (or Codepads)

Keypads activate the gate system by simply keying in a code number (like a PIN number) chosen by yourself. Keypads can be specified as vandal resistant, flush fit or mounted to the pier or a stand alone post, allowing access from the car without having to get out. The code can be changed as required should this become necessary.


Audio/Video Intercom Systems


These systems have the distinct advantage of allowing the home owner to speak with and see the caller before allowing them access to the property. Most systems are hard wired and it is advisable to think about your preferences on options


  • Do you want a flush fit or surface mounted panel?
  • Does the panel need to be vandal resistant?
  • Can the intercom be fitted to a post set back to allow drivers to lean out and speak?
  • Do you want an integral key/swipe card or tag facility?
  • If vision is required, do you prefer a monochrome or colour monitor?


Voice and video intercoms will need a power supply from the main building to the gate unit and may require ground works such as a service trench, appropriate ducting and a degree of internal cable routing.

Wireless options are also available but their suitability will depend on the type of property, layout (trees, walls, ect) and signal strength.


Proximity Detectors

A proximity detector is a device mounted onto the gate post which can pick up a signal from a transmitter fitted to your vehicle(s). This ‘hands free’ option allows the gates to open as you drive up to them and close behind you, without the need to stop or operate a device manually.



Magnetic Card Reader

Similar in application to the keypad, this device allows for slightly easier entrance as the gate will open when the card is held up to the reader. This system is most suited when access to the property is required by large numbers of people and/or vehicles and also offers the advantage in that there is no need to remember a code number.


Push Buttons and Key Switches

A local or remote push button provides a simple means to operate the automatic gates and is often used in conjunction with other systems. A key switch is a more secure system which means selected persons needing to insert a key in order to operate the push button, and can be used in place of a keypad or card reader.


Induction Loop

This system is most often used in low security areas where easy access is important. It uses a cable loop (underneath the road surface) which produces a magnetic field. This field changes when a vehicle passes over it, activating a signal which opens the powered gate. Although this system allows the same ease of use as a proximity reader, the disadvantage is that the induction loop will operate for any approaching vehicle, but it can be fitted with a timer that only allows the gates to operate at pre-set times.



With all these types of access control, a no-obligation site survey will enable us to assess your requirements and suggest the most suitable and cost effective solutions available. We can also advise you on any ground works required, along with information and cabling details for the equipment you choose.


If you have any questions at all or to arrange a site visit, please get in touch via our ‘Contact us’ page and we will be only to pleased to help you.