Maintenance & Servicing in Essex

We offer routine maintenance and servicing to ensure a continued trouble free operation. All gate systems are unique because of their environment and amount of usage. Depending on whether it is a domestic gate or a commercial gate and how often the electric gate is used, dictates how often a gate should be serviced. Electric Gate manufactures recommend a minimum of a 12 monthly service by a qualified engineer to check the operation and also the safety of your gates for residential systems, but gates with higher levels of usage, such as commercial or public gates should be serviced at least twice annually. Maintaining your gates on an annual basis  keeps them in good working order and free from mechanical issues to ensure your premises stays safe and secure all year round.

Should you require information or to request a service for your gates, please get in touch via our ‘contact us’ page for a full quotation*.

Single Annual Service 

We will arrange to visit your premises and carry out a service to your gate system on a pre arranged date. The service includes:-

  • Visual inspection of all equipment
  • Full performance testing
  • Routine service of all equipment including greasing of all motor parts and gate hinges
  • Cleaning of all safety equipment
  • Ensure all hardware, nuts, fixings, welding ect. are safe and secure
  • Clean and test all gate access equipment such as keypads, intercoms and locks
  • Ensure manual release mechanisms are in working order
  • Health and Safety check

*We will quote a price for the service at the point of contact and will include callout and labour charges for the service checks, but this will not include the cost of any replacement parts needed, or the costs to fit them

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